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If you write for us and become a regular member, you will get chances to promote your website. You are highly appreciated for sending us your previous work sample. The article should have an interesting and catchy title describing the article’s content precisely. In fact, anything out of the list is still fine as long as it lives with the site, subject to the approval of the editors, of course. As a result of that acquisition, Google would officially present Android as an Operating System for mobile phones at the end of the year 2007. From then until today, many mobile phone manufacturers have opted for Android to use it as the basis for their smartphone, tablet and mobile models.

So that you will gain more SEO points, and your page rank will increase. There are no restrictions with links in the content unless they are marketing subsidiary, self-promotion, or unnatural. Any link that is useless, spammy or irrelevant will be deleted. By writing here, you agree that you will never republish it anywhere else.

The content must be well formatted with proper use of headings and paragraphs. Now you just need to offer me for publishing your article. Businesses related to Android and Android apps can write for Computer Tech Reviews. All you need to do is check out Android Write for Us Page.


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Second, you can receive paid apps for free. If you want to write a review for a paid app just get in touch and we’ll arrange a free unlock key for you to review the app. We are a globally recognized company that hosts a gigantic community of writers on the Web. Our articles have featured on a variety of popular platforms many of which cater to a global audience.

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