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Thank you for your interest in our brand and our goal to educate consumers around to world to become more eco-minded. We are happy to host brands and writers who share our mission and passion. Please make sure you read our guidelines carefully before reaching out. However, before you get too excited and approach us with an article or article idea, we ask that you read our guidelines. They allow us to get the best content to our readers without the back and forth of changes. We only work with professional writers, experts and content providers with a professional conduct and writing style.

Unless you are dealing with a very technical topic, the grade level should be no higher than 9 and preferably less. Keep sentences short, and include only one idea / concept / argument in each sentence. We reserve the right to edit the blog content for style.

Alarmist language is distracting and too often not factually accurate. SR wants to make a severe case for sustainability by sharing real-world data and information inclusive for all walks of life. Scientific journals, credible newspapers, and other verified sources should be chosen when referencing data or stats. Ultimately, we want our contributors to write about topics they know best.

Please include your bio with links to your website and social pages. Good Fronds reserve the right to have the final edit on all submissions. Each week we publish articles on plants, seasonal recipes, travel and the stories of people saving the planet.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Our guest contributors publish relatable stories that are educational, empowering and typically also bring a smile to our readers’ faces. We’ll let you know about the progress of your submission within the following 72 hours of you sending it to us. Promotional content may incur publication fees, which we will inform you about after editorial review. Include social media addresses for any organisation or person mentioned in the article.

I generally avoid climate change or pushing any political viewpoints––except, occasionally, my own. Please cite an authoritative source for statistics or other factual claims. Include sources with links for all facts / quotes / references. We are happy to republish articles you have published elsewhere, so long as you have permission to republish. Interested candidates should reply to this job posting by email with a 400 word article on any topic related to sustainability.

We hope to educate and inspire all to incorporate plants into every day. As a potential contributor, we encourage you to use it knowing that you’ll assume the role of verifying all facts in your piece before submitting it. Our community is well-versed on the issues (the “what”) and the need to solve them (the “why”). Show us the “how” — the products, services, initiatives and business models that are creating change now. Try not to overuse easy umbrella terms like climate change, eco-friendly, sustainability, etc.

You agree that we may permit other parties to publish and communicate to the public the material you submit to us in any format. We use a green host which means we are powered by 100% wind energy. The hosting servers, routers and cooling systems are all powered by this renewable energy source purchased from UK wind farms.

Don’t waste sentences saying, “the climate crisis is here, and we need to act now before it’s too late.” No need to set the scene. When discussing political issues, make assertions, not accusations. Don’t insult the reader’s intelligence with evident sentiments about a particular topic. Provide the truth, and let the reader decide for themselves. Anyone who is reading SR already cares a little bit about the environment, so let’s not be redundant. Please take a moment to proofread the content before submitting it for review.