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As long as you are passionate about writing, we will be happy to introduce you to our website. Yourcontent must engage our readers, and that’s why it should be meaningful and informative. It should be completely plagiarism free, should not be spun, must be well-structured and should be written with subheadings for easy understanding. Research the topic well and present the accurate information. There are several methods for determining if a website is appropriate for guest blogging. A portion of our internal procedure for evaluating guest post offers is being shared.

Please send over your ideas and a link to your blog or attach samples of your work to get started as a guest writer for the website. Thoroughly review our terms and about page then submit your idea here. We do not accept posts with the purpose of linking back to commercial sites although we do accept sponsored posts that are in alignment with our mission. If you have an idea that you think will be a nice fit, prepare an outline and we’ll let you know if it can work. Ensure that your post does not violate any copyright laws and we will only publish unique content(articles that haven’t been published before).


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We don’t leave out any critical health topics here. Vice publishes unique angles on all sorts of topics, including health. They’re looking for clear pitches on original takes. Editors want to shape the story with their writers, so no completed drafts.

Your content must be unique (100% plagiarism-free), high quality and provide value to our readers. Please browse our website and carefully read these guidelines before sending us your topic or article. A careful use of formatting is what helps make an article easy to read and share. All submissions should have a featured image above or below the title. Our favorite stock photo site is Twenty20, splash, inflation, pixabay, the stocks.im, search.creativecommons.org, and Flickr.

We read every email, but keep in mind we are a small team and can not respond to every submission. If we feel your article would be a good fit for Pure Healthy Living, we will respond with next steps within 14 days. Are you a health and fitness freak and love to write as well? Then guest posting on high-grade health websites is crucial. It will help you reach the right audience, leading you to publish your content in the best possible way.