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While working with you after you submit the article for review, if we feel that your changes aren’t satisfactory, we will reject your article. We’re looking for industry professionals who are passionate to submit thought leadership articles to our blog. The articles can be on any technology on which we offer training . However, we prefer Tech Articles and Tutorials on the following technologies.

Ensure that you are sending an article after checking the plagiarism, you can use this tool to check plagiarism. Aeologic welcomes new writers who want to guest post and contribute articles regularly. We believe that, if the blog earns profits for its owner guest bloggers must be compensated. When this blog began earning money in 2010 Carol began paying for guest posts.

Contributors should submit the guest blog posts after reading the guest post guidelines. If you don’t stick to our essential caveats, then don’t raise your guest post. We are mentioning it at last but this is the major reason why everyone posts content on others’ websites.


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If you publish high-quality content, your reader will become involved with your post, and once engaged, he will read it for several hours. He also clicks on the pertinent links you included in the article. Because those relevant links are yours, you gain decent traffic to your website when he opens them.

We’re looking for writers who can help us share our passion for technology. If you’ve got a strong interest in technology and a knack for writing, we’d love to hear from you. Our goal is to help people understand the most interesting aspects of technology, and we’re looking for writers who can help us do that. With your warm love in Guest posts and support, we are now accepting guest posts on almost all the useful categories.

DevOps are used to automate and standardize the processes to create an integrated approach… This will give you the benefit of getting leads and traffic directly to your website. So if you relate to any of the categories that we have mentioned then email us at or visit our Submit Blog post page. Pick the subject or topic which is in trending and which matches the type of stuff we publish.

You may boost the value of your blog while simultaneously increasing web traffic. Or if you want, we can write, and post articles customized to your business model and requirement. We have an experienced marketing team, that deeply analyze business and strategize content accordingly. If you want, you can provide us with topics or keywords to write. Your information will not just be infront of your eyes but right in front of your globe, and you will notice the popularity of your article.

You’ve to earn backlinks on a large scale to grow your website authority. When you get traffic from those articles, your website authority grows, and you get loyal readers. Finally, all links in the post should be to relevant and quality websites. Make sure you are adding links to quality and secured websites. The article submitted to be published must be proofread, well-structured, and have no grammatical errors.

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Every web admin works to get traffic because, without traffic, nothing happens. Whenever you submit a Guest Post to somebody, you attract backlinks and traffic. These are the 9 guidelines that guest authors must follow. Violating these rules may not be suitable for guest authors. We appreciate you linking back to your post in your future articles – so please write something worth linking to.