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If your post has been accepted, we will respond within 1-3 Days. If your article is authorized published on our site, it will become the sole property of our website. We would love to publish your post on Lifebing whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned health expert, as long as your piece is snappy, clever, and intriguing. All submissions should have a featured image above or below the title. Our favorite stock photo site is Twenty20, splash, inflation, pixabay, the stocks.im, search.creativecommons.org, and Flickr.

You are free to link to authority quality resources to add value to the article. Also, provide links to studies, researches to back up any medical claim in your article. It’s pretty simple – you write an article that is over 1000 words long on a topic of your choice (as long as it falls under the fitness/health umbrella), and then submit it to us.

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You can pick any relevant topic, write on it, and share it with us. Our team will overview your content and if we find it useful, informational, and written as per our guidelines, you will be notified with approval mail and a live link to the blog. All work you submit must be original content and media that you took with your camera. Keep this in mind, once you submit the post, we own it.

If your submission is accepted you will receive a link to your article by email. Do not specify your terms for guest posting or try to negotiate new terms. Everyone gets the same terms and they are written on the guest post form. Those are the terms we hold all of our guest posters too.

First, we have committed readers, and great social media following, so you can be guaranteed that they’re people who will eagerly read your write-up. However, just as we are willing to give good links, we prefer to exchange quality content for Do-follow backlinks. We deliver quality health and fitness articles and expect you to write for us in the same way. We will only publish author bylines that are 1–2 sentences long.

Also, we have the right to modify the link, if it is not related to the article. Like all businesses, there are costs for doing work. If your backlink is to have any value, you’ll want to write a good article. If you want to publish an article on our website, here are your costs. If publishing an article on our website is important to you, then you’ll need to pay the fee.

Not only will you be able to help others improve their lives, but you’ll also gain valuable exposure for yourself and your business. By submitting a guest post to our consideration, you are confirming that you agree to these terms. Join over 235,000 other people who get our weekly health and fitness tips Free of spam, static, and fluff. Your guest post should bring added information and value to this website.

Once you’ve targeted a few keywords, try to work them into your title and throughout your post. For example, How to Lose Weight is an easy keyword that could be used in many different ways throughout a blog post about weight loss. It could be included in your headline, within the body of text, or as part of an anchor text link back to your own site. The main purpose of targeting these keywords is that they’ll show up higher in search engine results pages which will increase visibility and traffic to your site or blog. Keep in mind that all the articles will be thoroughly checked and verified before being published. Make sure to follow our guest post submission guidelines below for your reference.