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Agronomists today are involved with many issues including producing food, creating healthier food, managing the environmental impact of agriculture, and extracting energy from plants. Young children and women who do not eat enough foods that have Vitamin A can be given the vitamin like medicine. Are there enough different local food sources to provide Vitamin A through the year?


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Find at least 2 actual examples or pictures of a good food source of each nutrient listed on the form. If possible, include examples of foods that are grown locally or found in the veld or bush. Place the foods and/or pictures on a surface or table so that the group can see them. End the activity with a discussion about using these songs and dances at a community or public meeting to help others to learn about nutrition and the 4 Food Groups. Explain that, even though they may not think so, all the group members already have knowledge about why food is so important for our bodies.

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Dark _____ vegetables are a good source of Vitamin A. If you think it would be helpful, read clue number 1 and ask the participants what they think the word is. When they have identified the correct word, show them how to fill in the squares if they haven’t done a crossword puzzle before, but do not give them any more answers. If there are some people who have difficulty with reading and writing, try to make sure that each small group has a least one member who has enough skills to be able to help the others. The middle, darker blue dot has the right amount of iodine in it.

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