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We ask authors to aim for substance about a problem they’ve encountered or a concept they’ve tested . Accompanied by a relevant, copyright free, image . Accompanied by a short biography , at the end of the post. The opportunity to showcase your writing to a growing, global readership. Pay attention to the structure and make sure it’s easy to follow your flow of thought. Every article should consist of an introduction, body, and conclusion.

So, use realistic procedures and research your topic while writing. This below-written article is about the opportunity of a guest blogging Write for Us Workplace. If you are interested then please go through the guidelines. We accept original articles with content based on your professional experiences and expertise. We welcome individual writers and bloggers to write for us and contribute high-quality content to the Leave Dates blog. Once you have triple checked it meets our guidelines and are ready to proceed, please submit a link to either a Google Document or an attached Word file.


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We use them to break up text, make the blog post scannable and to support data. Ideally, we include one image at every scroll depth, so an image is always visible. Please include a minimum of 2 royalty-free images to accompany your text. We reserve the right to make corrections without changing the content or reject posts . We will send a note back if we think your topic needs more work.

If you provide images for the post, you will provide a source and reference for the image, along with appropriate image names and alt descriptions. Guest posts are welcome on the Future of Work blog. Please contact our editor, Lauren Kirkpatrick, at lauren v3b.com with submissions or questions after reading through our guest post guidelines. We receive more submissions than we can publish and often have to decline good pieces when our calendar is full. We also will decline pieces due to time limitations or if they’re too similar to other work we have published. We encourage you to try again with other ideas even if we have declined something you have submitted.

Mail them at with “guest post request” in the subject line, with your contact details and social media profiles. We might take a while to respond since we get a lot of content submission requests but we will definitely get back to you. Positive Worklife is a blog on work-life balance, skill development, positivity, productivity, and other aspects of workplace wellness. We accept good guest articles for completely Free of charge. Write for us, if you believe in spreading positivity. Use headings, subheadings, and bullets to improve the readability of the guest post.

Please check out whether we already have an article on your proposed topic. Our audience is a global community of students, writers, and teachers. Since 2012, over 12 million students and teachers worldwide have usedWriting Commonsfor help with their writing.

Google and the other search engines see this as an endorsement of your site. Experts estimate the SEO benefit to your site is 6 times greater when guest posting compared to writing on your own site. We’re currently accepting relevant sponsored posts only, which are available at $350 per article. Articles will be reviewed by at least two members of the staff, review editors, or editorial board. You will then receive our decision to publish as is, publish with revisions, or reject. We publish original articles on topics of interest to students, writers, and writing teachers.

Work Design Magazine’s audience is increasingly international, so articles should focus on globally applicable best practices. We receive many requests for blog and article submissions but we cannot accept them all. So please note that acceptance of your submission is entirely at our discretion.

Try to avoid slang and provide context when describing hypothetical scenarios. When using acronyms, spell out the first use, followed by the acronym in parentheses. Because we receive many pitches, we may not be able to reply to all. If you have not heard back from us in 5 business days, feel free to offer your idea to someone else. Use Grammarly (it’s free!), ask a friend or hire a freelance proofreader to edit your article before submitting it to us.

Articles should, as much as possible refrain from insults directed towards a particular gender, ethnic group, race, or religious group. Each article will be reviewed prior to publishing. We suggest including images in your article, but make sure you do not use copyrighted images and that you have sufficient permission to use them.