Want to Write For Us? Submission guidelines for The Personal by Avigail Laing The Personal Growth Project

Make the decision to commit to your personal growth and embrace a lifelong journey of growth and change. Kick off your growth by picking a few of the steps above and working on them. The process of starting and developing my personal development business has equipped me with many skills, such as self-discipline, leadership, organization, and management. I started my life handbook in 2007, and it’s been a crucial enabler in my personal development.

Remember, read several back issues, and send the pitch to the appropriate editor. According to The Writer’s Market, The Oprah Magazine pays $2 per word. Again, it pays well because it’s selective, so be sure to do your research well before pitching. Closely , look at several back issues of the magazine, and research your topic well even before you pitch. So always remember that research is the most important part of a freelance writer’s job. Writing a great blog post can take hours, days, and sometimes even weeks, so it’s critical that you do your research to ensure your post will reach your intended audience.

Asking for feedback gives you an additional perspective as you learn how to improve yourself. Competition is one of the best ways to grow and aid in self-improvement. Set a challenge (weight loss, exercise, financial challenge, etc.) and compete with an interested friend to see who achieves the target first. A better you starts with being in better shape through physical activity. I personally make it a point to jog at least 3 times a week, at least 30 minutes each time.


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You’ll learn how thousands of ordinary people built businesses to millions in revenue – all starting from a simple idea or side project. List content is great for driving traffic to your blog, and they are often quick to create. Article can contain links to external articles as long as they are related and add value. You should include a writer biography with more information about you and/or the services you offer. The results may not be immediate, but I promise that as long as you keep to it, you’ll start seeing positive changes in yourself and your life.

This magazine pays $2 per word for the print version. For online articles the pay varies, so be sure to discuss with an editor prior to writing. If you cite official sources such as studies, quotes, etc. in your article include a link to it where relevant. Please do not overdo linking in the main body of your article.