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Studies have shown that Tasers are some of the effective non-lethal self-defense weapons out there. Stun guns are a wise, stealthy solution for women, faculty college students, and professionals. Protect your self throughout your nightly stroll to your automobile or give your single daughter extra peace of mind with the benefit and efficiency of a TASER gun. Offered in a variety of colors and with dozens of useful accessories, tasers are at all times prepared whenever you want them probably the most. We’ve made it easier to filter products bought locally and those which might be imported. With just a short contact—as little as ¼ of a second—the electricity will do its job and knock them off steadiness.

We carry the most recent in excessive voltage stun guns and rechargeable stun weapons. Please see our full collection ofTasers for Womenfor products specifically designed for girls. Our staff has organized the collection to characteristic our highest rated and greatest promoting merchandise first.

Also generally identified as a tazer or stun gun, today’s TASER guns are highly effective and discreet and used by regulation enforcement agencies throughout the globe. Legal to carry in most states, your TASER gun can immobilize an assailant from as much as 15 toes away giving you priceless time to flee the state of affairs and discover help. Tasers for self-defense are easy to make use of and can keep you secure and secure twitter super clubhouseoremus. The Department of Self Defense team has labored with our suppliers to provide the most effective TASER, greatest stun gun, and finest taser gun merchandise. Our collection consists of top of the line TASER products, which supply the broadest safety at a premium price level. Our consumer focused taser and stun gun products present the ability you need for self protection.

The stun gun will NOT work via a heavy coat, jacket, or sweater, and it may solely work on denim jeans when you can make certain the prongs poke via correctly. The good news is that it’ll work by way of light-weight fabric—think T-shirt material or a light windbreaker. When you may be being attacked, it’s impossible that your assailant will be bare-chested or have lots of pores and skin exposed (unless you’re at a beach). Most people should attempt to shock an attacker through their clothes. Their research involved eight case research of adult males that had misplaced consciousness after being surprised, which proved deadly in seven of the cases. The autopsies discovered that the electric shock can cause ventricular tachycardia, resulting in ventricular fibrillation and stopping regular blood flow.

For any questions or issues, you probably can always go to our CONTACT US web page. A TASER® system can totally incapacitate even essentially the most aggressive assailant from as much as 15 toes away. This website offers an abundance of TASER® info, together with TASER® demonstration videos, incessantly requested questions, product comparisons and more. Compare all TASER® mannequin options, voltage, recognition, and so forth. by clicking right here.

The quality management points and lack of guarantee makes it not quite the top choice, but it’s an excellent choice for anybody who desires a very compact, absolutely concealable safety answer. This sting ring has no buttons or triggers to activate; as an alternative, all you must do is squeeze it to send electrical energy crackling via your assailant. There is a built-in security change to keep you from by chance electrocuting your self. This little stun gun is designed to be worn over the three knuckles of your index, middle, and ring fingers (unlike regular knuckledusters, it doesn’t cover your pinky finger). When you finish up in a dire situation, simply slip on the stun gun, squeeze, and punch.