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1) Your beauty, makeup, hair, fashion or skincare tips that you want to share with others. Try to include excellent quality PNG images or screenshots to make the contributor’s skincare and fashion guidelines or tutorials more attractive. Submit the beauty tips blog post in a Word file with the links in hyperlink format in the words you want to link to and in the same file. A blog post or two will not cause a surge in revenue. Encourage your satisfied customers to post pictures and talk about your skincare brand on their social media.

They enjoy trying new products and discovering creative new brands, especially when they can post about them on social media like Instagram and Facebook. Figure out where your brand fits in today’s rapidly growing beauty industry. Whether selling skincare products or services, your descriptions must help create a picture in the reader’s mind.

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This is achieved by choosing separate keywords. More brands have begun creating skincare products specifically for dark complexions. Many are black-owned, designed by women of color who recognized a void in the market. If you’re selling CBD skincare products, you have some unique challenges because many people don’t know about CBD. It’s new to them and a little bit scary too because of its connection to cannabis. Transparency-minded consumers are interested in what goes into their beauty products.

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Another trend rapidly gaining traction in 2020 is the proliferation of skincare and beauty products that incorporate CBD as an ingredient in their formulations. You’re not just selling a skincare, nail care or hair care product. You’re selling an experience–think of going to a spa–and giving them a taste of the desirable result. Use interesting, thought-provoking language to create a picture in readers’ mind. Choose words that are consistent with your brand. If your products are upscale, words like “luxurious” and “elegant” might work.