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That said, you should cover tips that can be easily implemented by our readers. But the tips must be actionable, clear and precise. What we need from you is to provide our readers a fresh perspective on breaking news, developing IT trends and what’s going on in social media. Take a look at ourblogto see what type of quality content and topics we publish. We understand backlinks, and the motivation behind them.

Before you dash off an email to us about being a social media writer, let’s make sure we’re a great fit for one another. As a result, we’re providing a remarkable chance for writers and authors to obtain recognition and a platform to promote their work. Furthermore, you can add your beneficial information to our worthy webpage for a reasonable cost. Articles with over-optimized anchors, promotional links, or inappropriate links to pages that don’t feature informative content have a high tendency of being rejected. Depending on when your post is submitted, it can take us up to 60 days to publish a guest post.

A link back to your website and max 2 social media links. No links in the body of the content, unless they are closely related to the topic and are natural. They must provide extra information about the topic you are writing. First and foremost, please read a few posts to get familiar with our format, style and the type of articles we usually publish.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Social Media Marketing utilizes social media as a significant marketing tool. In that case, such platforms can be beneficial in many ways. Brands can understand what their target audience needs and can develop something relevant. Moreover, when the engagement increases, the traffic to the site will also grow.

Our illustrator takes care of the featured images, the Pinterest Pin, and the social media graphics we use to promote the post. All links to external resources must be relevant. If you don’t have any links, please add a short write-up on the suggested topics. The submitted articles will be reviewed and moderated, and published by our editorial team if they meet the criteria as mentioned above and the author would be informed.

In addition, interlinking can help existing visitors navigate your blog post page easily. Rather than accept guest submissions, we like to form positive working relationships with freelance writers. We love steady content for solid, smart, and social media-savvy writers, and we can provide consistent content ideas for you to cover.