How to Design a Logo Step-by-Step Guide

We welcome well-researched posts that contain actionable content and are relatable. Take this opportunity to let thousands of people see your article, knowledge, and writing skills. Please include a brief article proposal and any other relevant information. Article must include at least one royalty-free or original image. But the value of your logo will only get stronger as time goes on. Consider whether or not you see your logo lasting you 5, 10, 15, even 20 years from now.

But if you’re paying too little, don’t be surprised if you get what you pay for. Once you have all of this laid out, it’s time to outline the actual scope of your project. Either way, it’s ok to add your color preferences. Make sure to include the color’s hex code, so you get the exact shade that you want.

Turning your vision into a logo that perfectly represents your brand will be much easier if you have a great brief. Briefs are very much liked because they give people on the other side a glimpse of what they can expect from your cooperation. We put our faith in the writers that regularly contribute to our cause and are fairly good at their jobs. These are writers that have written for us on several occasions. Not only do we continue to work with them but they also earn relatively more money for each time they write for us. Our regular contributors also get the opportunity to work on assignments with us.


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It’s best to just outline all the necessary dates from the start, and you can deal with extensions if or when the time comes. Note that we do not publish any infographics that were not designed on 99designs. Deliver a draft of your article in a timely manner (usually about a week after we send you a brief; note it can sometimes be a while before we get new writers slated on the calendar). So if you’re interested in writing an article, feel free to tell us and we will get back to you.

Use their feedback to select one final concept to develop into a design. Armed with your why and a few keywords for direction, grab a pencil and paper and start sketching every idea that comes into your head. Don’t get frustrated if the first few aren’t right — keep refining, using previous sketches to influence the outcome of new ones. You might focus these sketches on a shape, the name of your brand, or both. Companies are created to make money — it’s not the most poetic statement, but it’s the one you need to start with.

I’m no longer sure where you’re getting your information, but good topic. In case you are on a tight budget, the designer needs to know about it. Based on your budget, they can let you know how much they can do for you within that price range. It can be awkward to talk about money, but it’s necessary if you have a budget and need to stick to it! If they work hourly, like we do at Kaizen Brand Evolution, ask them approximately how long they think your project will take.

You need a design that will encompass these traits, using size, color, feel, etc. (like us!) or work with a designer, having a thorough logo design brief will make sure you come out with a logo that accurately represents your business. If you’re looking to create a logo for your business, then you’re in the market for a strong logo design brief. If you are owner of a blog or business related to graphics design and online marketing, we are happy in building partnerships and cross marketing opportunities.

Some logo design projects take months while others take only hours. Designers can work within a variety of time restraints, but don’t expect them to meet your deadlines if you don’t specify due dates beforehand. Although optional, including a list of dos and don’ts can point out things you already know you want or don’t want in the logo design.