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Numerous travel publications and websites need content writers and are willing to pay well. After most of the world has been in lockdown, people are desperate to start traveling again. Even though people might not be doing so many long-haul trips right now, many of us are traveling closer to home. The majority of articles I have written this year have focuses on my home country of England rather than more exotic locations of Mexico or India.

C’mon people, please do better than publishing lists of places that have such deplorably low rates and presenting them as if these are good opportunities. Pathfinders expect freelance travel writers to send in completed articles via email, rather than pitch topics. They publish round-up feature stories, travel guides, long-form destination features (2,200 words+), travel tips and more. They always want to work with the crème de la crème of travel writers. Both courses will teach you everything you need to know to launch your career as a travel writer. But more importantly, the contacts you make there will open doors to getting those all-important first published bylines.

An excellent example of a catchy piece of story is how a travel experience to Africa made you understand the effects of poaching endangered animal species. Lastly, payment here is usually around $325 per 1000 words, but rates may vary. Look at “write for us” pages on websites for information about the website’s need for writers and article guidelines. Print publications, such as “Writer’s Market,” provide submission guidelines and pay rates for travel magazines and books.

They pay freelance writers $75 for 700 – 900 word articles. Check to make sure they haven’t covered the topic you want to pitch. One of the first things I did was to sign up for job alerts with sites such as Freedom with Writing. This keeps me informed of a wide range of jobs and freelance opportunities for which editors were actively looking for writers.

But the best gigs are copywriting projects for hotels or tours. These job opportunities can fetch you as much as $6,000 per project. The 10 US destinations you need to visit this October offer an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors before the winter months set in.

They want stories about somebody you know or if you yourself are living on a portable income. Here’s one of my articles published by the Matador Network; “Stop waiting to be picked, choose yourself”. Horizon Guides is a publisher of special interest travel guides, covering niche subjects from fishing in Ontario to photography in Burma, and pretty much everything in between.

You can earn more than a peanut writing your favorite niche for a publication. Apart from imparting the lives of people with a valuable written voice, the end goal of every writer is to make more money out of his/her work. Very interesting to find this article and i would like to know more about how to be ready for travel writing jobs.


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Your first draft might be amazing and win critical acclaim. You’ll refine, rewrite and through all this writing you’ll find your own tone of voice and hone your craft. If there’s a resource online that explains to you what that publication looks for in writers, read it (Matador has a contributor’s guide that we ask all of our writers to read). If the piece you want to pitch doesn’t fit the publication you want to pitch it to, find another place to pitch it.