Guest Posting: 7 Steps to Get Writing Gigs on Top Fitness Blogs

I can assure you that it would be exclusive, just for you. Please let me know your thoughts and, if it is something you don’t consider interesting, or if simply doesn’t fit your blog, just reply STOP and I’ll get out of your hair. Hi, I am a Fitness Enthusiast with over 3 years of experience in writing Fitness and Health articles. In case if you don’t like the topics, we can always switch to something more suitable.

Your guest post must not be blatantly promotional. If your article submission reads like a thinly disguised advertising piece, we will class it as a sponsored post and it will not be published as a guest post. I used to write for different blogs in my spare time to sharpen my skills.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Please note that the content should be submitted as the Google Doc via email. A good blog post will have features such as a catchy title, embedded links and custom graphics and pictures. Once you’ve sorted out all the business particulars, you can get started on your post. Remember to stay on point and engage the readers when you’re writing. Now it’s time to get to work and send them something amazing.

Or share it on Gympik’s social channels giving due credits to the author. Gympik will have the editorial control and Gympik can modify, change, and alter the content of the article as per requirement at its own discretion. If you are interested to contribute to other categories, you can follow mentioned links for your reference.

We have the right to make minor edits to your article. Pay the Backlink Fee and specify the backlink and anchor text you’d like in the comments. Make sure that the title of the blog does not exceed 10 words or 60 character . We have the right to publish or refuse any article.

Bloggers can submit a Health and Fitness blog guest post to Mom News Daily only if the blog is related to motherhood and/or parenting. There aren’t any hard and fast rules regarding where you blog from. There’s no need for you to have a website to submit a guest post. We welcome bloggers from any location – in any country. MOM News Daily welcomes guest posts for any family, parenting, or kids blog, or anything with a moms perspective. Part of publishing a fitness blog post worth reading isn’t about the writing at all, it’s about ____________________.