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So many people who are thinking about how to Write an eLearning Course tend to patronize their audience, talk down to them, and essentially assume they are idiots. ELearners are busy professionals with very little free time in the day, so make sure to treat them with the respect they deserve. The tone of your content should sound like an adult speaking to an adult, not a parent disciplining their child. Map out the course in a sequence that gradually progresses from basic to more sophisticated concepts. Write an outline or flowchart to organize your strategy. Consider using a mind-mapping application such as MindMeister to capture your ideas visually.

Cut what isn’t relevant and always take a break from work. Instead of telling your readers what they should do, try to explain to them why doing so would be a valuable use of their time. Think like a savvy marketer and make your content more appealing, create the desire, and get your readers to see the benefits of completing your course.


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Keep in mind that writing is the form used for communication. Even if you have videos or other digital elements, the text is the main element. It is where all the main content is established and what you are supposed to know about the course in general. Therefore, knowing how to write in a clear, concise and attention-grabbing way is essential for the success of your e-learning course.

At Igloolab, we have created different services based on gamification for knowledge management. In the case of our learning, we seek to encourage users’ participation with games and interactive tools such as forms, surveys, and clinical cases. We unlock the possibility of evaluating the audience’s progress to validate the learning of the topics studied. Traditional training tends to make these processes slow because it is subject to factors of time, location, and the availability of the face-to-face instructor. This type of platform offers benefits that up until now, were unattainable. In a space as vast and wide as the internet, there are infinite skills and subjects to teach and learn.

While we try to respond to every submission, we receive a high volume every day. If your submission is accepted, you will receive confirmation from our editors in advance of publication. After purchasing a piece of content from Verblio, you own 100% of the rights.

Through video conferencing or live chat, there is a great possibility of discussing different subjects. Static pages like course materials printed for the benefit of all the participants are also made available. E-Learning consist of teaching can be based in or out of the Classrooms, the use of computers and the Internet.

We recommend sticking to short sentences of 20 words maximum. Here’s a cheat sheet with the ideal writing parameters. Absolutely—we wouldn’t dare present any unoriginal content to education professionals! We employ a native screening algorithm for all new content submissions to catch plagiarism quickly.